Moreré is a fishing village situated on the Island of Boipeba located amongst the most beautiful beaches not only in Brazil but in the whole world!

The “piscinas naturais” – natural swimming pools, one of the most famous attractions of the region and the ever changing tides which constantly change the views, leave us enchanted: without words or even thoughts!

Moreré is still a village of fisherman, continuing their daily lives, something no longer found in most tourist venues of Brazil. Just a few pousadas and a few local houses provide accommodation for tourists.

Moreré has various beaches, one directly in front of the village, another 500 metres to the north, also known as Moreré beach with the natural swimming pools accessible at low tide, crystal clear waters and various bars and restaurants. 500 metres to the South of the village lies Bainema beach which is ideal for surfing and kite surfing particularly between the months of April and November. Further south there is yet another amazing beach – Praia de Castelhanos.

Pousada dos Ventos Inn | Praia do Moreré - Boipeba Island | Bahia, Brazil