How to arrive

From Salvador you can take the Ferry Boat to Bom Despacho and a bus to Valença or a small boat to Mar Grande and from there a taxi to Valença. From Valença there are speedboats to Boipeba almost every hour. (For information telephone 75 3653 6167)

There are also flights direct from Salvador to Boipeba which takes 20 minutes. For information and reservations please contact Addey at

From Boipeba to Pousada dos Ventos in Moreré takes approximately 20 minutes by tractor or speedboat.

It is also possible to go by car or taxi to Torrinhas just off the Nilo Peçanha - Cairú highway and from there take a boat to the Pousada ( For information/reservation telephone 75 3653 6105)

Pousada dos Ventos Inn | Praia do Moreré - Boipeba Island | Bahia, Brazil