The Island of Boipeba

The Island of Boipeba is situated in the achipelago of Tinharé in the municipality of Cairú in the South of Bahia.

The island is surrounded on the one side by one of the largest marshlands of Brazil and on the other by the Atlantic Ocean. It is an area of Environmental Protection and was recognised by UNESCO as a “Reserva de Biosfera e Patrimônio da Humanidade”

The village of Velha Boipeba was founded in 1563 by the Jesuits, has a population of around 3000 people and is the main point of arrival for boats from Valença and Morro São Paulo. The island also contains the village of Moreré with approximately 200 residents, situated on the most beautiful beach of the island with natural swimming pools, the village of Monte Alegre located in the midst of the forest and Cova de Onça situated on the extreme south of the island.

The economic activities of the island are fishing and tourism. On the island there are no roads only a few tracks carved out by the tractors which ferry people and goods across the island. Local transport is still mainly by boat or by foot...!

Pousada dos Ventos Inn | Praia do Moreré - Boipeba Island | Bahia, Brazil